General Information

The Q Test, is a language-free culture-fair assessment designed to appropriately assess people who may have language, learning, communication, educational or cultural barriers and identify their training potential or ‘trainability’. It provides a measure of general cognitive ability and leads to results which can then be used to assist with appropriate educational, training and employment pathway planning.

The unique format of the Q Test provides a fair and unbiased assessment of people from backgrounds where they may be disadvantaged by language-based assessments.

The current form of the Q Test has been established through many years of research, with performance on the Q Test being predictive of an individual’s ability to successfully learn and apply complex new skills.

The Q Test enables both the organisations who apply it to gain an insight into a person’s capability and the individuals themselves to gain self awareness, self belief, a sense of what is possible and an opportunity to establish realistic goals and aspirations.

Points of difference

The Q Test is distinctly different from traditional standardised assessments, as it has no language-based requirements. All communication is through non-verbal instructions and gestures.

A range of vital elements underpin the success of the Q Test including:

  • Removal of inherent language and culture bias
  • Acceptance and trust by the community leaders and members
  • Successful employee and/or trainee selection with predictive validity
The 6 sub-tests

The Q Test consists of 6 sub-tests, with test items and tasks requiring subjects to perform a series of increasingly complex tasks. The six sub-tests are:

  • Sub-test 1: Sequential Memory
  • Sub-test 2: Visual Memory
  • Sub-test 3: Planning
  • Sub-test 4: Abstract Manipulation
  • Sub-test 5: Pattern Matching
  • Sub-test 6: Design Sequencing

Many participants enjoy the Q Test assessment as its ‘puzzle-like’ sub tests are non-threatening and enjoyable, yet challenging.

The Q Test has been successfully used in many locations throughout Australia and overseas with relevant students, trainees, apprentices, job seekers and current employees as a pathway planning and streaming tool for education, vocational training, recruitment, up-skilling and workforce progression.

For further information about the Q Test please contact Darren Thomas in our VEQ Perth office on +61 431 706 851 or email or Peter Davidson in our VEQ Melbourne Office on +61 3 9690 4550 or email