What does the Q Test consist of and how long does it take?

The Q Test is made up of 6 sub tests consisting of 8 to 19 assessment items in each sub test. A full Q Test assessment takes about 1 hour to complete.

As a language-free assessment, how are the instructions given to the people being assessed?

The instructions for each sub-test are based on initial demonstration practice items designed to ensure the assessed person has a clear understanding of the required task. Only when the assessor is 100% sure that the person knows exactly what to do, will the assessor progress to any of the assessed items.

How is the Q Test applied with an organisation?

The implementation and application of the Q Test is either through the training of relevant personnel as Q Test Assessors to enable in-house assessments or through Contracted Assessments conducted by VEQ Consultant or Associate Assessors.

Is the Q Test used in isolation or with other assessments?

Depending on the barriers that the relevant students, trainees or jobseekers may have, the Q Test can be implemented and applied by organisations as an initial predictor of capability and potential in isolation, or in conjunction with other relevant assessments. The application of other assessments may be either through VEQ or along with other assessment processes that may already be in place for specific recruitment or selection processes.

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