The Q Test can be applied by organisations in a number of ways including:


• Exclusive 4-day Q Test Assessor Training Programs:

VEQ can arrange the training of relevant personnel as Q Test Assessors through exclusive programs for up to 8 trainees in a location of your choice

• Location-based 4-day Q Test Assessor Training Programs:

Individual participants can join in location-based programs which are scheduled in line with local demand

Resources and assessments for trained Assessors:

• Assessment kit leases

Following successful training, Q Test Assessment kits leases are available under lifetime lease arrangements.

• In house Assessments

Trained assessors can conduct their own assessments as required for their organisations following successful completion of the training

Contracted Assessments

• Contracted assessments by VEQ Consultant Assessors are utilised in a number of situations. These include:

  • If organisations have limited timeframes
  • small pools of people to be assessed
  • are interested in conducting an initial Pilot Assessment Program to review the process, level of engagement and results in light of broader future needs
  • may not currently have the appropriate personnel to be trained as Q Test Assessors

All of these processes then require the assessment responses to be supplied to VEQ for analysis, scoring and reporting. VEQ then supplies Individual Assessment Reports back to the clients to support them with their pathway planning needs.

To discuss Q Test applications in light of your needs, please contact Darren Thomas in our VEQ Perth office on +61 431 706 851 or email or Peter Davidson in our VEQ Melbourne Office on +61 3 9690 4550 or email