Workplace Safety

Paramount to all workplaces is the safety of their personnel within their worksite.

To minimise the risk of safety concerns on a worksite, it is vital that organisations have an understanding of the safety profile of their personnel, especially in inherently dangerous worksites such as mining and construction sites.

Though the application of tailored, safety related, work style and personality questionnaires, VEQ is able to provide organisations with such insight for all staff levels – from operators through to technical personnel.

The application of work safety assessment resources can provide understanding of how new employees will behave in respect to their workplace, each other and provide a clear understanding of its area of assessment focus – of safety and how people will fit into an organisation’s safety culture.

With regards to the safety factors identified, these assessments enable employers to understand why employees are behaving in an unsafe way and more importantly how do you change that behaviour.

The insights that work safety assessment resources can provide can significantly improve the behaviour or employees by empowering individuals with knowledge of their own “at risk” behaviours or preventing potentially “at risk” people from entering roles within workforces where their bahaviour may compromise the safety of themselves or their colleagues.

If you are interested in finding out more about the safety assessments that may be relevant to your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact VEQ for a confidential discussion.