Strategic Assessment, Selection and Pathway Planning Programs

For schools, training providers or organisations, especially those dealing with people from Indigenous, cross cultural or potentially disadvantaged backgrounds, it is critical that appropriate assessment processes are used that are fair, valid and reliable.

In many situations, the barriers that may exist between the organisations and the people they need to assess, often lead to a lack of understanding as to where to start, what to assess and how to go about it.

Directing someone into entry level pathways as a starting point, a development plan based on language-based or western-influenced processes, and a guiding notion of “let’s see how you go”, may not be the most appropriate program to optimise their selection, retention and progression.

VEQ is highly experienced, through our Organisational Psychologists headed by our Principal Psychologist Peter Davidson, to support organisations with the design and implementation of strategic assessment, selection and pathway planning programs with such people.

The development and delivery of such Strategic Programs can include:

o   short term targeted programs

o   programs that may involve the integration of VEQ and locally-based, in-house trained personnel

o   application of the Q Test and other processes across multiple intakes, ongoing academic periods or long term recruitment campaigns.

Extended application of such Programs over time can lead to the development of localised normative data and tailored comparative analysis by VEQ to enable progressive fine tuning of our services to the specific needs of our clients for now and into the future.