Integrated Assessment Centres

The utilisation of multiple assessment measures can enhance an organisation’s accuracy when assessing the suitability of a person to a particular training pathway or employment role. To meet this need, VEQ is able to support organisations with the development and delivery of tailored Integrated Assessment Centres.

These customised VEQ programs are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and take into account any cultural, linguistic and educational barriers of the candidates being assessed.

These programs can include, as required, the Q Test, a combination of other appropriate and relevant assessment tools, and customised individual and group tasks.

To gain an insight into one such an Integrated Assessment Centre, as part of a fully structured recruitment program, please see Case study 5: Oil and Gas green field case study – Q Test at PNG LNG project for Exxon Mobil.

In relation to this case study, VEQ was instrumental in the design and delivery some of the earlier assessment stages and the 4-day residential Assessment Centres as part of this Exxon Mobil’s recruitment process.

The success of these integrated assessment centres for Exxon Mobil (4 Centres being delivered to a total of 220 applicants to source 76 trainees) are reflected in the results, with  74 of the selected 76 still being in their training after the first 12 months, and averaging over 90% for all key study areas.

NB – Follow up research by VEQ highlighted that the Q Test was the most predictive measure of success amongst the various assessments used with this pool of trainees, when correlated to key measures of the traineeship.