Cultural Sensitivity

VEQ’s application of the Q Test and other services has supported clients in many diverse regions where significant social and cultural differences may exist between their non-local/ex-patriate employees and the communities in which they are operating.

As part of their commitment to optimise engagement and outcomes to the communities in which they operate, such organisations often have a range of social, environmental, educational and employment measures that are linked to their ‘social licence to operate’.

With regards to social engagement, one of the most critical success factors is the cultural sensitivity of non-local/ex-pat personnel to the local communities and their members.

VEQ is able to support organisations with assessment of the cultural sensitivity of such personnel to their social surrounds, and gain an insight into appropriate levels of awareness and expected behaviours, as compared to areas of difference or potential lack of awareness or understanding.

Gap analysis by VEQ of such assessments, in conjunction with the organisations and their relevant personnel, can lead to consolidation of appropriate behaviours and bridging strategies for areas of difference.