Aptitude Testing – eg. Verbal, Numerical, Diagrammatic, Mechanical reasoning

Choosing the right people for the right training or roles is a very difficult process, with some processes more predictive of success than others.

Where appropriate, VEQ is able to utilise a range of Aptitude Tests that measure the current ability of individuals across these areas.

Some of the Aptitude Tests that VEQ is able to apply, where appropriate, include:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Error checking
  • Diagrammatic reasoning ability
  • Spatial reasoning ability
  • Mechanical reasoning ability

Some of these Tests are structured as assessments of an individual Aptitude, while some are available as combined assessments within the one instrument.

An example of one such combined assessment is designed for use with production workers, apprentices, engineers, designers and scientists working in technical roles. The assessment measures practical reasoning through short spatial (3 mins), mechanical (3 min) and diagrammatic (4 mins) sub-tests and is suitable for all practical roles. It is available online and also in a hardcopy version (paper and pencil).

Such combined assessment may be especially applicable with groups of candidates, when time is at a premium, or, for the hardcopy version, when testing in locations where computer availability and Internet connectivity are problematic.