Our People

From the delivery of our services through our 2 offices in Perth and Melbourne since the inception of VEQ in 2011, we have also extended our reach into Brisbane and Darwin through the support of our Associate Consultants in those regions.

Across all of these operations, the VEQ team consists of:

  • Peter Davidson, Principal Psychologist – Director, Psychology Consulting and Training
  • Darren Thomas, Managing Director – Director, Management and Assessments
  • Rod McGregor, Director Quality and Risk – Director, Risk Management
  • Anne Bradley, Manager Business Systems – Business Systems, Assessment, Data Analysis, Technical and Admin support
  • Dr Peter Salmon, Associate Statistician – Statistical analysis development and support
  • Professor George Kearney, Associate Psychologist/Trainer – Consulting, research/development and training support
  • Ralph Monley, Associate Psychologist Perth – Training, assessment
  • Lesley Crommelin, Associate Consultant Brisbane  – Training, assessment and business development support
  • Martin Evans, Associate Consultant Darwin – Assessment and business development support